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[Jun. 4th, 2007|07:59 pm]
Somebody's Jake
I just remembered I have a journal. At least, that's my excuse for now.

Things are upside down at work. Our sr. developer quit and left me with enough work for five people. The company found a replacement who doesn't just go by the title sr. developer but dept. manager as well. Now there isn't enough work for the two of us (most days) which means he does the development work and I do the cutting-and-pasting work. I'd be crazy by the end of most work days if I wasn't able to distract myself with music.

Also, I've found a little park nearby with a pond that I can circle during my lunch break. Today it's rainy which is why I'm updating this here journal.

Andy has been working one weekend day every weekend so I get most of the day to do as I please. Most days I wheel my ancient laptop into his cube and keep him company. The days I don't I fight with myself over whether to pursue some artistic pastime or keep my development skills up to date. I enjoy both and wish I could tear myself in two and then do both.

Last weekend I flew home to catch the high school graduation of one of my nephews. While I was there I made sure to spend some time with my grandfather. My grandmother passed away recently and although everyone felt that he took it surprisingly well at the time he has a tinge of bitterness now that says otherwise. I think there's a code that men of his time live by that requires him to be tight-lipped about his feelings and appear strong for the sake of his family.

I love listening to my grandfather talk and always pick up some part of the past that I never knew. When I was a teenager and lived near enough I would ride my bike to my grandparents house to visit. If I sat with them long enough they would begin reminiscing. Previous to that it never occurred to me that they had had a youth because for all of my life they had seemed "old" and as far as I knew, had always been. And so it fascinated me to listen to stories about their youth.

I knew then that they wouldn't be around forever and thought that I accepted it as fact. Now that my grandmother is gone I find it hard to come to terms with gap that's been left by a lifetime of granmotherly hugs and kisses.

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[User Picture]From: mad_elanor
2007-06-12 05:38 pm (UTC)
Hi Jason! Hope all is well with you and the Mrs.!
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